Top 5 Male Fictional Characters

1 May

Ask a friend who their biggest hero is and most of the time their answer will probably be a person who only exists on paper or celluloid. Here at Top 5, we decided to honour our favourite fictional characters with, you guessed it, a Top 5 list! Before you cry foul at the absence of the female of the species from this list, don’t panic, the ladies will get a Top 5 all to themselves.

5. Dream

Neil Gaiman’s lord of all stories and dreams. Older than the Gods and commander of everything not in reality he is more human than at first glance. He has his moods and failed relationships. Empire magazine named him the 6th greatest comic book character of all time. We think he deserves an upgrade. He is constantly aware of his responsibility as an ‘Endless’ being while still succombing to the most basic of human emotions and flaws. Ultimately a hero his journey and closeness to his older sister Death makes him one of the most fascinating characters ever penned.

4. Frankensteins Monster

Mary Shelley’s Monster is another of those great literary creations. The character alone spawned a massive number of early features in the world of cinema.

3. Dr. Who

The protagonist of the longest running Sci-Fi television series. Time-Lord/Tardis/Two Hearts general awesomeness.

2. Sherlock Holmes

Greatest dectective ever… would have given Columbo a mention here but only one dectective included in the list for fairness.

1. Batman

He’s got a cool car. Cool suit. Catwoman wants him. Complex childhood. General badass. Oh and he’s rich too.


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